How To Set Up a Jelly Fish Lamp

by Robert E.

If you are a water enthusiast and want to bring your home something beautiful and entertaining, a jellyfish lamp is a good option. Whether it’s a home, an office, or a school, jellyfish lamps complement the surrounding with their unique colors and joyful jellyfish inside. Available in 5 different LED colors and a slow voltage AC adaptor, a jellyfish lamp aquarium is sure to set the room’s mood. Are you confused about how to use this fantastic tower design jellyfish lava lamp?

No worries. We are here to help you. In this blog, we will help you set up a jellyfish name and operate it so that you can make the most out of the ambient lights and slowly changing colors of your jellyfish lamp.

Setting up the batteries

The first step in setting up your jellyfish lamp is to set its batteries. This excellent joyful electrical device needs 3 AA batteries. You will quickly look at its battery component at its base. First, you will need to turn your lamp upside down, remove the battery cover and stall the new battery. Make sure you observe the battery’s polarities before installing them. Also, remember that you can only use alkaline batteries to power these product devices, and using any other type of batteries, including rechargeable batteries, will harm its power supply. If your jellyfish lamp is not performing well or a battery, type the batteries to new and replace the complete battery fair to new without mixing with the old.

Adding Water

Once you install batteries, it’s time to fill up your jelly wish lamp with tap water. Do not require any particular type of water to fill up your lamp type of distilled water with less or no suspended material will do the purpose. You will need to lift off the back cover of the Bottle and remove the rubber stopper, fill the two third of the lamp with water. Make sure you carefully handle the jellyfish and gently place them into the bottle as a very dedicated material. Done with feeling the container, you can now replace the rubber stopper and close the black cover.

Plugging In Electricity

You will require a female 1/8 inch jack to plug your lamp unit with the external capabilities. Make sure that the female Jack is firmly pressed with a male plug and there are no gives in between them. Mobile making electricity connections your jelly lamps such as must be put on off. Done with the links? Now you can turn on your jellyfish lamp.

Enjoy The Experience

Congratulations, you have completed all the toil, and all you can enjoy now is the mesmerizing view of a jellyfish in your lamp aquarium. Searching your jellyfish lamp, you will see it illuminated by colorful lights. The jellyfish will sink in the water slowly up and down and gently float while the water keeps sending its colors. Especially enjoyed by children below 15 age.


You like fish and want to have an aquarium at your house; it is a difficult job. Apart from the requirement of feeding your fish and cleaning them regularly, heaven and aquarium call for a lot of maintenance work. Buying jellyfish lamps will do the same job for you with little or no effort. You can now have a jellyfish lamp and see the requirements for making the most out of its colorful water joy.

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