What are the main parts of an LED panel light?

by Robert E.

LED lighting is the most popular type of lighting in the market. It is also the most recent form of lighting in the industry. The main reason why this mode of lighting is popular is that it is the most energy-efficient model. The fact that it is eco-friendly also helps with its popularity. LED panel lights are a type of LED lighting. In this article, we look at the parts that make up an LED panel light.

Parts of an LED Panel Light

Frame- The frame is the most visible part of the panel lights. LED panel lights normally feature a frame that is made from aluminum alloy. The reason why aluminum is used is that it is a durable, rust, and corrosion-resistant material and also a good conductor of heat. The aluminum frame of LED panel lights is made of three layers that have different components. The components are;

· LED chips- an LED chip is the main component of a LED light. The role of an LED chip is to convert electrical energy into light using monocrystalline, which is the main material. The chips can either be high or low powered. They are also the component that is responsible for the color of the lights. The chips also come in a wide range of sizes, depending on the size of the LED panel lights.

· A light guide plate- This is an acrylic panel that is usually made from pure MMA resin. The material is significantly transparent, durable, and it is quite resistant to different elements of the weather. The role of the light guide plate is to redirect light out of the film to the areas where it is needed. It, therefore, makes the LED panel light brighter, more uniform, and efficient as compared to other types of ceiling lights. Arguably, the light guide plate is the most important and most expensive part of an LED panel light. The reason why it is considered as important is that it is the part that offers bright and homogeneous light when the light is connected to a power supply.

· Reflector plate- this component helps to reflect radiation to its source while allowing for the least scattering.

· Diffuser- the diffuser is located at the front of the light guide plate. The role of diffuser parts is to allow for even distribution of light across the surface of the LED panel light. This role is only achievable if the diffuser works together with the guide plate.

Backing- another primary component of an LED panel light is the backing. Typically, LED panel light is made using a solid backing. The role of the solid backing is to promote the aesthetics of the look.


Another vital part of an LED panel light is the heat sink system. The heat sink system is used to ensure the safety of the panel lights by preventing the formation of too much heat. This helps to prevent such issues like fire from the lights. For this reason, LED panel lights are the safest form in the market.

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