What To Do When Hanging Wall Art

by Robert E.

Paintings or art pieces have recently become a hit in the wall decoration industry. Everyone wants to hang a work of art on their walls for decoration purposes. However, hanging wall art is not an easy task. In this post, we discuss how-to tips for hanging wall art. 

1. Assess all the wall decoration art pieces

One of the primary and most important steps you should embark on before hanging art on your walls is assessing them. When evaluating the pieces, you look at the size, weight, type, style, and other vital elements. Assessing the art pieces will help you determine where you should install them and how. The information you gather during this phase will also help you choose the style of installation you need to use and the tools you require.

In addition to all these, assessing the art pieces will help you learn more about them. Therefore, when guests come and start a conversation about the art pieces, you know what to contribute. Note that you could skip this step if you were very keen on aspects like size, weight, and style when choosing or purchasing a piece of art.

2. Collect the necessary equipment

After you have determined your installation style and the essential elements of the painting that will affect the said style, the next step would be collecting the necessary equipment. Such tools include a measuring tape, pencil, level, nails, hammer, hooks, screwdrivers, and drill, among others. It would be wise to gather the tools before hanging your wall decoration art types because the last thing you want is to abandon the process halfway to look for tools that you did not account for.

3. Determine the height at which you want the piece of art hang

Once you have all the necessary tools, you can decide where you want to hang the art piece. When most people start shopping for art pieces, they already know where they want the works. However, most of the time, these changes because you may find that the work looks better elsewhere, or you did not get precisely what you have gone to buy.

Even with an idea of where you want it already in your mind, you will still have to determine the painting’s exact position. This is where the tape measure and pencil come into play. According to professionals, the golden rule is that the art piece’s center should be around 57 inches from the floor. This is the average eye level for an adult and the rule that most art galleries apply. However, this element also depends on where you are installing the painting. For instance, if you have a gallery wall, the rule may be different.

4. Hang the piece of art

Once you have marked the exact position where the wall art should go, the last thing to do would be to hang it. With the ideal tools, you shouldn’t have to worry about this step.


After you have successfully hung your art piece, it would be wise to check to ensure that it is level. This is a significant step if you are looking to achieve a professional display.

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