Types Of Gardens You Should Definitely Try Out

by Robert E.

When it comes to gardening, all you tend to hear about most times are flower gardens. But then, it goes beyond that as there are many types of gardens that you can venture into. Whether you’re trying to start from scratch or go coupon, there’s a type of gardening that would perfectly suit your style.

In this article, you will find out the different gardening options you can explore today.

Types of Gardens

The following are varieties of gardening options to try out when you can:

1. Vegetable Garden

This is easily the one most popular type of garden that people try to talk about. If you’re to run a vegetable garden, you can trust to experience lots of fun and exciting moments while at it. At the end of your gardening experience, you will be able to reap bountifully.

Aside from how beautiful they make your environment look, vegetable gardens are loaded with tons of benefits. You can ideally use it to feed your family every day of your lives. Since it’s often difficult to grow plenty of food to keep your family sustained for a long time, this is one of the surest options to explore.

2. Herb Gardens

Herb Gardens were popularly grown in the past to enable families to have enough ingredients to make medicine with. But with the invention of advanced medicines, herb Gardens began to go extinct; people no longer saw reasons to grow them. And even if they did, it wasn’t for medicine.

However, there are still people who grow them to make old herbs and medicines, but they aren’t so many.

3. Raised Gardens

Not everyone is privileged enough to live in an environment where they can easily access fertile soil. This can be quite frustrating as you typically need soil to plant your seedlings. If this is your case, you may as well consider opting for a raised garden.

For the raised garden, all you need to do is prepare and enrich the soil so it becomes fertile enough for gardening. Following this alternative (raised garden), provides you with the opportunity to create a customized garden area.

4. Indoor Gardens

Most people who live in areas with heavy snowfall always turn to indoor gardening as the next available option. This is because during colder climates, it’s almost impossible to effectively grow a plant and you are only able to squeeze out a few months to plant anything.

If you live in a country with such a climate, then you need to find a way to create an indoor gardening space for yourself and your family. This way, you will be able to garden throughout the year, if you want. It’s also an opportunity to enjoy gardening more if it’s your hobby.

5. Container Gardens

This type of garden involves people making a garden out of small containers. This method is quite comfortable as you can easily check up on your plants as frequently as you can. One beautiful thing about this is that you can use just any type of container for this purpose.


There you have it! Gardening is always fun, and you can make any food out of your garden. This guide is for every beginner gardener who’s finding it difficult to carve a path.

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