Your Purchasing Guide To The Best Shower Arm

by Robert E.
Shower Arm in the bathroom
Shower Arm in the bathroom

You may think that selecting a shower arm for your bathroom remodeling project is an easy task. While the possibilities of this bathroom accessory are endless, you need to understand that picking the right one comes with challenges. Of all bathroom shower fittings in the market, shower arms are overlooked. While some people may consider accessorizing their shower fittings, others prefer traditional shower arms. Your choice should be dependent on the space in your bathroom. Your needs can also influence it. In this article, we share insight on essential elements to consider when shopping for a shower arm for your bathroom vanity units.

A shower arm provides you with several profound benefits that a conventional shower arm cannot offer. One of the primary benefits of a shower arm is flexibility. This feature enhances an improved shower experience. If you know of such invaluable benefits and are focused on installing one, then read the next paragraphs of this blog post. We share more insight on how to select a shower arm. Quality should be your primary consideration in this case.

Shower Arm

Brief Overview-What’s A Shower Arm? – Go beyond the Looks

A shower arm is an extension with a pipe fitting. The structure connects your showerhead to the source of water supply. This is usually on the wall. The shower arm provides some form of flexibility for you to mount the showerhead. With the support of a shower arm, it’ll be easy for you to raise and then lower your shower head.

At the same time, this can serve you better if the plumbing outlets are too high or low. This may also imply that it is not authentic for you to move the plumbing into your ceiling. Your shower arm should allow you to extend the showerhead to any position.  

Shower Arm

That nickel shower arm may look amazing. However, when choosing a shower arm, you should not focus on the looks entirely. You need to concentrate on the finer details, such as size and long-term usage. If you purchase it without analyzing some of these critical elements, you may realize that the shower arm refuses to fit into the bathroom. A quality shower arm should lower the showerhead to the water source. Those are just a few elements to consider before purchasing your shower arm. In the next paragraph, you will learn more about the different designs of shower arms.

Shower Arm in the bathroom

Designs And Styles

Shower arms come in different yet unique designs as well as styles. Among the prominent models are straight, gooseneck, and then standard shower arms. Here’s a brief review of the three:

  • Straight Shower Arms– Straight shower arms are not only modern but simple by design. They also have a small extension to help in elevating the showerhead.
  • Gooseneck Shower Arms– A gooseneck shower arm is also referred to as an S-shaped shower arm. It is popular and has a perfect fitting to elevate your showerhead.
  • Standard Shower Arms– The standard shower arm is pretty much the typical model in the industry. Most homeowners prefer it to other models. It has a simple design coupled with a small extension. It is also affordable.
Shower Arm in the bathroom

In Closing

Whether you are focused on picking out a shower arm and fixture for your bathroom renovation or aspire to replace the outdated one, there are plenty of choices available in the market. But remember all this will all depend on your take, your taste, and your preference. You can easily find what you like. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by picking what you see at first, it would help if you concentrated on the crucial factors to consider before making a choice.

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